Monday, May 30, 2011

China detains 74 suspects in factories contaminated with lead batteries with the blood of hundreds of people

Beijing, May 30 .- The authorities of the eastern province of Zhejiang on Monday reported the arrest of 74 suspects and hundreds of factories closing in connection with the 172 affected blood lead environmental infractions battery producers. In a statement, the government Luqiao district, belonging to the jurisdiction of Taizhou City, reported the arrest of 74 suspects, after registering 148 complaints on environmental pollution and order cutting off water and electricity to 652 companies.

The authorities note in the statement, posted on the website of local government, which imposed fines on polluting companies worth $ 1.26 million and opened 56 cases in police departments on this new case of contamination Lead in the blood. Since March, 658 people in Luqiao underwent blood tests, and of these, 172 appeared to have lead poisoning, of which 53 were children, due to its proximity to electronics factories, most batteries.

This is a more robust responses to the lead poisoning of thousands of Chinese after the central government announced a tightening of measures to curb pollution by heavy metals in the population. Earlier this month, another 136 people who resided near a battery factory in Guangdong province (Guangdong), southern China, showed high levels of lead in blood contamination.

Too much lead in the blood can damage the digestive, nervous and reproductive systems and cause stomach pains, anemia and seizures. China is one of the most polluted in the world due to rapid industrialization in the past three decades, so that the incidence of pollution-related diseases such as cancer, is very high among the population.

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