Friday, March 4, 2011

Gaddafi Chavez mediation poses a Peace Commission

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez has proposed to Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi the possibility of creating a Peace Commission to Libya, as reported by the Venezuelan government. The Arab League is considering the proposal. The Minister of Communication and Information Andres Izarra, said the telephone conversation was held on Tuesday, but did not elaborate on the dialogue.

"We confirm that there was a conversation between the commander Chavez and Gaddafi on a proposed peace commission to Libya," said Izarra through your twitter account. Chavez made the proposal last Monday, when he said he would argue that a commission of friendly governments of Libya trip to the North African country to inquire about the situation and propose a peaceful solution to the crisis caused by the riots against the government of Tripoli.

The president said that Gaddafi can not convict because no evidence that a murderer and also said that U.S. plans to invade Libya to take over the oil. The Arab League secretary Amr Moussa has said that this proposal is being analyzed. Speaking to the Arab network Al Jazeera, Moussa said the plan "under consideration" and that yesterday and were informed about various leaders.

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