Friday, March 4, 2011

200 demonstrators calling for democracy and freedom in Oman

Madrid .- Some 200 protesters plan to continue camping on the Globe Plaza Sohar city, located in northeastern Oman, although in the last hours the authorities have raised from orange to red level warning to leave place, as recorded by the regional agency Gulf News. This group of protesters, mostly young, refuses to leave the square after six days of occupation to demand a democratic opening, but knows the risks, because the deadline to clear the area expired at 18.00 pm on Wednesday (21.00 pm in mainland Spain).

So, older opponents have tried to convince young people, through a wave of messages to their mobile phones, to return home and continue the fight otherwise. For now, have gotten the number of protesters is drastically reduced from the 2,000 he had on Monday. "We came because we know that the alarm level has increased.

We tried to understand that it is prudent to leave the square because it could become a problem outside the original peaceful revolt," said Adil Taiseer, a neighbor of Sohar. The main concern of veterans is that the situation will lead to a new confrontation with the police, who at the weekend stormed the place with tear gas and rubber bullets in an operation that resulted in the deaths of six people, dozens wounded and arrested.

"At the moment everything is at peace, you can see some groups but no megaphones talking and talking to leaders and demonstrators in the past three days. The military vehicles are back inside the police station," an exiled opposition. In recent days, the protests of Sohar, the second largest city in the country, have spread to other parts of the country, such as Muscat, Sur, Yankul, Jabour and Ibra.

In this context, the Omani Sultan, Qaboos bin Said, has pledged to create 50,000 jobs and a rise in the minimum wage 43 percent, in an attempt to calm the population.

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