Friday, March 4, 2011

Gaddafi attacks aviation enclave in Brega oil and a base in Ajdabiya

Aviation loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has become a bomb today for the third consecutive day Brega oil enclave in the east of the country in rebel hands, by channel Al Arabiya. The target of the attack, according to the television channel, was one of the oil installations of Brega, 200 miles west of Benghazi, and whose control is key to the power of the country in rebel hands, well be the path to the very Benghazi.

According to the UAE channel, armed volunteers have been mobilized from the neighboring Ajdabiya to Brega, one of the vital centers of the country's oil industry. In the very Ajdabiya, early on Friday, have also suffered bombing Gaddafi's aviation against a local military base. Yesterday had a day of mourning in Ajdabiya, where they were buried six of the 12 fatalities Wednesday's attack by forces loyal to Gaddafi, who launched an offensive this morning which was rejected by the militia, who succeeded in expelling the men Brega airport Gaddafi, who had been achieved.

Although air strikes have occurred in the last three days on this strategic location and energy supplies as the path to the main city in the hands of the rebels, forces loyal to Colonel Libya have not yet mobilized sufficient ground troops to achieve its purpose. Cut the power of Benghazi and protect paths forward Tripoli while their defenses are the main objectives of the scheme in this city.

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