Friday, March 4, 2011

Iran: Protests and arrests in Tehran

Despite a massive presence of security forces to go in the Iranian capital Tehran, the protests continue the outnumbered opponents of the government. This set the security forces and tear gas. Clashes are reported from all around the University of Tehran, Azadi Blvd.

On Tuesday alone, said to have been arrested in Tehran 200 demonstrators, 40 in Isfahan Also on Wednesday and Thursday, there were arrests. The demonstrators shouting "Death to the dictator" and "Khamenei is a murderer." The authorities had, however, denied that there had been protests.

The recent demonstrations have been reports of the abduction of the two opposition leaders Moussawi and Karroubi raised to an unknown location. An opposition website reported that the two were together with their wives in the Tehran prison Heshmatiyeh been brought. The government denied this.

The majority of deputies in the Iranian Parliament, call for the execution of the two. Qualify the call to solidarity Karrubi Moussawi and events for the protests in the Arab world as "treason" and "sedition." Since the resumption of the protests in Iran on 14 February least two people were killed.

Since the day Moussawi and Karroubi are under house arrest. On Wednesday, Parliament called for the condemnation of the two again. Your call for demonstrations, they have turned into "traitors" and "counterrevolutionaries," it said in a statement. Tolerate that has the Iranian government to international criticism of the spread of Moussawi and Karroubi, which she calls a "completely internal affair".

The daughters of Moussawi said on Thursday, the Iranian judiciary by preventing it from entering the home of her parents and to meet their parents. They presented the statement of the law in question, neither her parents stood still under house arrest, they were detained. The former President Khatami, also a reformer, called on the judiciary to put the two released.

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