Friday, March 4, 2011

The rebels in Libya: The only thing we have to negotiate is the output of Gaddafi

The parallel government Qaddafi of Libya in the east is only willing to negotiate if the Libyan dictator resigns and goes into exile to avoid bloodshed and repression in the country. It is the position which has transmitted an aide Mustafa Abdel Jalil, former justice minister who resigned to join the revolution that wants to overthrow the dictator.

The employee is Ahmed Jabreel, which is also present at the Council installed in the city of Benghazi. For the National Council of Libya is necessary to enact a no-fly zone to prevent attacks by aircraft and give 'space' to rebeledes in their struggle for control of the country. The conditions of the rebels are clear: "The only negotiations will be about one thing: How Gaddafi leave the country or resign so that we can save lives.

There is nothing more to negotiate," said Jabreel from the former Minister of Justice an interview with Reuters. "We will not negotiate any political solution, we want to judge him (Gaddafi), but if we do not give a way out, we know that there will be many more dead." The rebels have also called for UN cooperation to combat what they claimed is the attacks of African mercenaries hired by Gaddafi.

Warplanes have attacked towns in eastern Libya on Thursday after launching a ground attack against the city of Brega on Wednesday, offensive managed to repel the rebels. For the rebels, "only thinking" Gaddafi at the moment is to restore the east of Libya. On the situation in the city of Brega, Jabreel field ensures that people have control but they need air support to prevent attacks from the air.

"This way the people will be able to defeat Gaddafi," he says. "We have the weapons, support, we have almost half of Libya and we are confident that we can remove every move you try to Gaddafi," he says sure.

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