Friday, March 4, 2011

TURKMENISTAN - The change will come one day

Hail, president! How are you? Not too nervous? You sleep well? No visions of mobs that would disturb your dreams? Looks like you do not fully trust in your intelligence. You're right. Certainly, since the time of Niyazov [former president died in 2006], they have worked to discredit the opposition leaders, infiltrate opponents' organizations based abroad in order to divide them, persecute citizens suspects, but, like your counterparts in several Arab countries have been able to notice it, times have changed.

The people can revolt without needing to follow a leader. And divide those who have no other purpose than to overthrow a regime ever-present for ages is impossible. Leaders in place for twenty, thirty, forty years have not seen it coming revolutions. Some chose to flee, another fight his "dear people" by spraying bullets and bombs, others try to placate their citizens by announcing reforms, even handing out money ...

At the beginning of your presidency [Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov was elected in February 2007] you tried to present yourself as a reformer, but time has passed, and most people understood that this was an illusion, especially for those who are delighted to be fooled. I mean some representatives of international organizations and foreign diplomats.

You promised a reform campaign. Then, you've realized that this work would have to surrender all the villages on foot, and you decided it was better to build five or six well-equipped, as in the old joke where parents are concerned, considering the status of their children: "They are washed, or made into new ones?" Hundreds of villages across the country are thus remained dirty and abandoned, private roads, no water and no hope for the future.

About water supply, you solemnly inaugurated ten months ago, a drinking water plant in Dashoguz. TV has broadcast the thing in a loop for days. But since the pipes have not seen a drop pass. Maybe not you know? It is true that television never mentions what kind of unimportant details. Everything you've done so far will lead you and your loved ones, an outcome dubious.

And your loved ones, in fact, sisters, nephews, are now, without even realizing it, dig your grave every day a little more, by confiscating the business of others, who are good seats, although profitable. Who is in government, who are your advisors, who sits in parliament? They pass laws, you the signs.

A few weeks later, they are amended, probably because lawyers could finally take note and make reservations. You announce that the Penal Code is now less severe, but what held realized? Sentence of 10 or 18 years in prison falling like anything. Before, people were suspicious association leaders who showed a little too active, journalists, believers who were practicing the wrong religion, people who had dual nationality, Turkmen and Russian, Turkmen and Turkish or other, those and those who married foreigners and foreign people who had gone to study abroad, and the family of all these categories of citizens, and families of political prisoners.

Now, the list goes on: artists, scientists, some businessmen, homosexuals, etc.. On whom can you support yourself now? The army? If we follow the scenario Tunisian or Egyptian, she may be protecting yourself for a while, but do not forget that soldiers are the son of your "dear people".

Until now, even when you wanted things to happen as you said, they have resulted in reverse. Is the system that wants it. It was developed before you become president. He did his time. You have to change it. Changes shift. Professionals around you, not sycophants or people in your family.

Frees political prisoners. Frees the business from the greed of your loved ones. Free your people from the clutches of the secret services. My advice is not original. These are basic ideas What had leaders whose countries were inflamed (Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, etc.., Etc.). But they did it too late.

The bell rings again, for people like you. Your peers who have now bitten the dust could lead to real reforms and remain in history as leaders worthy of respect. It inspires you? Act quickly.

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