Friday, March 4, 2011

Yemen: President Saleh makes concessions

Will on demonstrators "to go": Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Salih face of massive protests, wants the President of Yemen, according to a consultant to approach the demonstrators. Ali Abdullah Saleh will on a plan of opposition to the regime of his resignation and the introduction of reforms to respond "positively" the adviser said on Thursday the news agency Reuters.

The details are currently being discussed and announced at a later date, he added, without naming an exact date. Opposition and religious leaders suggested Salih's resignation by the end of the year. The parliamentary opposition had created a timetable for the solution to the current crisis, which provides for the resignation of the heads of state later this year, opposition spokesman Mohammad el Sabri said on Thursday.

"The president must now decide whether to accept or reject this offer," it said in the statement. Saleh, the proposal was drawn up at a meeting of opposition by religious scholars. Saleh's 32 years in office. The current term of office Saleh actually takes until 2013. For more than a month, protesting against him.

The plan provides that Salih - a close ally of the United States in the fight against the extremists, Al Qaeda network - to withdraw by the end of this year, and election law such as constitutional change. Salih had offered the opposition a unity government and his resignation in 2013, but it was met with rejection.

Government opponents have responded skeptically to the announcement of Salih. Whether they are here to delaying tactics, "said Shadi Hamid of the Brookings Doha Centre. "We should not give us the illusion that Salih is an overnight Democrats."

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