Friday, March 4, 2011

The attack against Americans in Frankfurt had an Islamic background

The youth of Kosovo on Wednesday killed two American soldiers and wounded two others in a shooting at Frankfurt International Airport could be an Islamist, he announced today the German Federal Prosecutor in charge of the case. After making its first investigations, prosecutors in Karlsruhe, assumes that the attack "had an Islamic background" and that the assailant acted alone.

At least not detected any terrorist network behind it, reported their spokesmen. In the interviews conducted today, the gunman, a 21 year old man from Kosovo resident in Germany, confessed his guilt, said in Wiesbaden Boris Rhein, interior minister of Hesse state, where Frankfurt. The radio station of Hesse had indicated early in the morning prior to the attack, the assailant had contacted Islamist Internet.

The police continues to reiterate, however, that the details of the crime are still unknown and all options. So today did not confirm the speculation that before the bloodbath, the attacker shouted in Arabic, "Allah is great." Meanwhile, significantly intensified security measures at the airport in Frankfurt, the largest in the country.

Since yesterday the new Interior Minister, Hans-Peter Friedrich, before parliamentary leader of the Christian Social Union (CSU), Bavarian sister Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Merkel, considered this morning that it is not necessary to further increase the security police. In his first appearance as a minister, Friedrich condemned the attack, calling it "especially painful" for "having beaten our closest allies in our own territory." El kosovar stormed Wednesday afternoons a military bus who was within Terminal 2 Frankfurt Airport and slew a firearm two people critically wounding two others.

The situation of the two wounded were hit by bullets in the chest and the head which is still critical, said Monday representatives of the police in Frankfurt. The bus moved 12 soldiers Americans belonging military police Air Force from terminal 2 airport until military base Ramstein with posterior destination to Afghanistan or Iraq.

They had arrived at Frankfurt airport on a scheduled flight from London.

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