Friday, March 4, 2011

Libya, Qaddafi bomb Brega

The Libyan crisis is not an outlet or political or military and the president of the United States Barack Obama returns to voice the his voice. "Gaddafi has to go. The message is clear, the violence must stop, are disgusted, Gaddafi has lost its legitimacy and has to go, "said Obama.

The White House also has authorized the use Air Force to evacuate refugees from Libya to Egypt, as well as agree on a set of humanitarian aid. We want "a total capacity of rapid intervention" in Libya, with no exceptions for the military option and not have them all available when needed Obama concluded, therefore, not possible that in extreme cases the word may go to war.

A Libyan warplane bombed Thursday the oil terminal of Brega, the eastern Libyan city where the insurgents yesterday rejected an attack by air and ground troops loyal to Gaddafi. The witnesses said. The news spread quickly. The rebels are doing Libyan route en masse to Brega to strengthen their positions ahead of a possible attack of the rais.

Wednesday night, though, the opposition had made it known to have rejected the military offensive of the faithful to Gaddafi and have full control of the city. All this while the three U.S. warships that have crossed the Suez Canal Wednesday, are now 50 miles off the Libyan coast and about 400 marines arrived in the U.S. base in Souda Bay, Crete, ready to embark on board units Ponce Kearsage war and that should dock on the Greek island in the coming hours. The undersecretary at the State Department Philip Gordon, who met in Athens with Foreign Minister Dimitri Droutsas, ruled that it is preparing a military operation against Libya.

Gordon said that "we are simply preparing to cope with all eventualities." A spokesman for the insurgents said that hundreds of fighters loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was taken prisoner by the opposition armed Brega. The spokesman, who declined to give his name, spoke of "not less than one hundred" of prisoners.

Brega is the oil terminal on the east coast where the rebels have rejected Wednesday an air strike and ground troops loyal to Gaddafi.

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