Saturday, June 4, 2011

UK-IRELAND - A historic visit

The visit of the Queen of England "heralds a new era" between the two countries, estimeThe Independent. The newspaper reported the remarks of officials who hope that this trip will be an opportunity to accelerate the development of a "new and better relationship between the British and Irish, based on mutual respect." So it's writing a new page in the long history between the two countries.

The Independent recalled the "tragic and troubled relationship" between London and Dublin and the special nature of this visit to be a witness "progress driven, and those who remain to achieve." The paper says, however, that the Anglo-Irish relationship will never be "normal cloudless. The Guardianrappelle the last British monarch to have visited Ireland was George V, grandfather of Elizabeth II in 1911.

Since then, a century has passed, marked by the use of violence and resentment caused by the partition of the island and the role of the British army in Northern Ireland. The Irish Republic has existed since 1922 and the ratification of the Anglo-Irish Agreement, which divided the island between the south became the Republic of Ireland and the North, residing within the United Kingdom.

The visit of Elizabeth II is the first by a British monarch in Republic. The Independentrapporte the words of the President of the Republic of Ireland, Mary McAleese, who said it was "an extraordinary moment for the history of Ireland. A sign of the phenomenal success of the peace process.

"The paper explains that this view is shared by many politicians" on both sides of the Irish Sea. "This visit is aimed at advancing reconciliation between the two countries through a program regarded as highly symbolic by The Independent. The Queen's visit because of "places of historical and political significance" as the Garden of Remembrance associated with the struggle for independence.

The queen will also visit Croke Park scene of a massacre attributed to British troops in 1920, the newspaper said that "no British could not reach there again soon." If the visit of the Queen has a strong historic and symbolic The Guardian also stresses the importance of this visit on the economic front.

The newspaper says it is not simply to bring the two countries culturally, but also to "cement a new business partnership between the two neighbors of English Europe '. "Tourism is concerned with the visibility provided by this royal visit to Ireland on the international stage. Trade agreements should also benefit: the Irish would be very pleased to see the visit of Queen revitalize their economies "In these difficult times." The newspaper also notes that a chamber of commerce Anglo-Irish should come after this visit.

The Independentdétaille also the "unprecedented security system" set up for the occasion and whose cost is estimated at 30 million euros of "armed patrols of land, air and navy" are deployed and about "8,000 police officers mobilized. Even if the Guardian mentions a recent poll in which 81% of Irish people are in favor of this visit, it remains high risk because of expected protests.

The center-left daily recalls that the Eirigi (Irish Republican Socialist Movement) and Sinn Fein (Republican) have planned to organize "events throughout the visit."

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