Saturday, June 4, 2011

At least 53 civilians were killed Friday in a new crackdown in Syria

At least 53 civilians were shot dead by security forces in Syria, of which 48 died in the city of Hama, where demonstrations yesterday lived thousands of people against the Assad regime, according to the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights . While other sources put the fatalities in more than 60 or even increase the total to more than 80 people killed by gunfire from security forces Asad regime.

Several Syrian opposition groups reported further ten killed in Jisr al Shagur in the province of Edleb by sniper fire and security personnel. The organization's Revolution against Syria Bashar al-Assad, who identified by name five of the dead, said on Facebook that special forces and Republican Guard helicopter arrived in Jisr al Shagur and fired at homes, shops and any person who was down the street.

For his part, called Local Coordination Committees in Syria reported today that Facebook has managed to identify so far "73 martyrs" killed during yesterday's day of protests, dubbed "Friday the children of liberty." Initially, several opposition organizations had estimated the dead in 45 hours in different cities of Syria, of which 30 in Hama.

Committees revealed today that the neighbors of Al Hader Hama faced "thugs" armed and effective security forces tried to storm the hospital Al Bader. According to that organization, a large number of neighbors gathered at the hospital and prevented the attackers from entering it. The same group said last night there was a demonstration in Al Hader and barium in the market area of Hama, but before the two protests confluence several snipers fired from rooftops of the Post Office building, a cultural and government institutions against citizens.

In 1982, Hama was the scene of a slaughter perpetrated by the regime of Hafez al-Assad, father of current president, to crush an Islamist uprising caused between 10,000 and 40,000 dead. Over a thousand demonstrators have died since the beginning of the popular revolts in the middle of last March against the regime of Bashar al-Assad, which began sporadically and then intensified.

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