Saturday, June 4, 2011

JAPAN - Revelations about the crisis of Fukushima Daiichi

The power company TEPCO has finally acknowledged that the fuel rods from the reactor number 1 had melted only half past five after the tsunami. And evidence from sources internal TEPCO but not yet formalized, indicate that the reactors 2 and 3 also have shrunk the number 3 had even collapsed in his cell.

"This calls into question the crisis management of the operator, who was reluctant to use seawater to cool the reactors," estimel'Asahi Shimbun. TEPCO had previously stated that only 55% of the fuel a single reactor were damaged, but he admits now that the heart of No. 1 engine had finally melted away to form the corium, which implies a sharp deterioration in the jar this melt.

It also explains that the massive radioactive water escapes. Apart from the reactions of users who vent their anger on the Web, most of the people remain calm. "Had this information been given one or two weeks after the earthquake, many people would certainly have fled. But strength to be constantly exposed to disturbing news about the accident in Fukushima, the Japanese may have ended up becoming unresponsive, "the Sankei Shimbun analysis.

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