Saturday, June 4, 2011

24 dead after attacks on a mosque and a hospital in Tikrit

At least 24 people have died and 75 were injured following a series of bomb attacks on Friday against a mosque and a hospital in Tikrit, former stronghold of Saddam Hussein located 160 km north of Baghdad, hospital officials said. A bomb hidden in a can of petrol exploded shortly after the end of Friday prayers at the entrance of a mosque in the center before a suicide activate her explosives belt in the early afternoon at a hospital who had been transferred numerous injuries.

"The first attack killed 19 people and received 72 wounded," said a doctor at the hospital in Tikrit. Another five people were killed and three others wounded when the bomber suffren blew himself up in the hospital, at the time that a provincial council member was with the victim, who was unhurt, but the blast killed two of their security guards.

Tikrit is a Sunni stronghold and the former stronghold of former President Saddam Hussein. The city is still regularly the target of attacks and armed operations, less than seven months of the date for American withdrawal, continue to question the capacity of local security forces to protect the country.

March 29, an armed group clashed for several hours at the security forces. This operation, which left 58 deaths, was claimed by the Islamic State in Iraq, local branch of Al-Qaeda.

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