Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saleh accuses the tribal forces of being responsible for the attack on his palace

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, claimed revenge in an audiotape broadcast on state television against tribal opposition leader Sadeq al-Ahmar and his brothers, whom he accused of assault committed against him on Friday. Saleh, who promised to eliminate "bands" of al-Ahmar, was slightly wounded in the back of the head by shrapnel from a missile that hit a mosque in the presidential compound in Sanaa, according to one of his aides.

Throughout the day, several government sources have insisted that Saleh was in good condition after the attack, had advanced to speak in a speech or a possible press conference. However, the final broadcast an audio recording of less than five minutes where I could appreciate that he could scarcely breathe.

In his speech, Saleh said that seven officers, including Colonel Mohamed Khatib, head of the Special Presidential Security, died in the attack. "Those who committed this are elements outside the law and agents of treason, which some officials and wounding seven officers killed," said Saleh, who promised to go after "criminals" in collaboration with security forces.

"They are a band that is outside the law and has no relation with the youth of Tahrir," added the president. They have no connection with the demonstrations, a coup movement. " He stressed that the attack occurs during a cease-fire between the authorities and supporters of Al Ahmar whom he accused of "being an armed gang who held state institutions and ministries, looted property and have no connection with the uprising" .

In the attack, were seriously wounded the president of the Upper House of Parliament Yehia to Rai and the governor of Sana'a, Neeman DUID. They suffered minor injuries Prime Minister Ali Mohamed al Muyawar, the president of the lower house of parliament, Abdelaziz Abdelgani, the Deputy Minister for Defense Affairs and Security, Rashad al Alemi, and press secretary Saleh, Abdo Boryi.

United States has condemned the attack, while France has asked both sides to cease fire. Paris also has asked its citizens to leave the country it may be difficult to do in Sanaa, as the main airport is closed because of fighting in the city. In addition, the European Union on Friday activated a mechanism to help the evacuation of its citizens living in Yemen who want to flee the violence in the country, according to Catherine Ashton said.

Official sources said that Saleh was injured in the back of the head and was treated in the same presidential palace. State television initially reported that an imam had died in the attack, but later said he had not killed the priest. The attack also wounds have been members of the Government of Ali Abdullah Saleh, as the 'premier', Yemeni Deputy Prime Minister and President of the Bangladesh Parliament.

"All were participating in Friday prayers in the mosque of the presidential palace when they have been injured projectiles," said the General People's Congress spokesman, Tarek Chami. "The Al Ahmar [the tribe fighting Saleh] has crossed all red lines. From now on, will find themselves in a very difficult situation," said Chami, as it is practically an open civil war.

The leader of the tribe, however, has denied involvement in the attack. In addition, the home of Hamid al Ahmar, son of the strong tribal leader Sadiq al-Ahmar was also bombed, in this case, by government forces. The fighting in Sanaa have killed at least 155 people in the past 10 days, marking an escalation of the uprising that the government seeks to end 30 years of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

In total, some 370 people may have been killed in the capital. In fact, opposition sources have reported that, just this week, and in Sanaa, the Yemeni security forces have killed 50 opponents. Fighting in the capital have taken place after it broke in the early days, the fragile ceasefire between the government and part of the tribes of the area.

The struggles have expanded into the southern districts of Sana'a, according to several witnesses explained, aware that the conflict is about to become a new civil war. The center of the country have not escaped the fighting and Taiz continue the struggle between the two sectors. At least six protesters have been killed in clashes with the army in the city.

Some witnesses have reported that a loud explosion was heard in this city and others have already secured at least 20 wounded among the demonstrators had been taken to the streets to celebrate the 'Friday the security and peace. "

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