Saturday, June 4, 2011

Australia sent to Malaysia to children who arrive as refugees seeking asylum

Australian Prime Minister, Chris Bowen, has announced that Malaysia will send any unaccompanied children arrive in Australia seeking asylum, reports the BBC. Justified this action by declaring that it would send a clear message of deterrence to those who engage in rich through this business. This is part of a controversial exchange of refugees between Malaysia and Australia, which is being negotiated by the two during those days.

All children would be kept in detention centers while their cases are processed. "I do not want children who arrive unaccompanied. I do not want to get into a boat and come to Australia thinking that there is any exemption for them," Bowen said of the television 'ABC' on Thursday. He added that this way he hopes to leave to witness the burial of children, died while trying to enter the country in boats overloaded with people.

Last December, 30 people died when the boat carrying them crashed into rocks.

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