Saturday, June 4, 2011

A score of Spanish come out of Yemen in the first stage of evacuation

Oviedo. Spanish .- A dozen, mostly embassy workers in Yemen leave the country in the first phase of implementation escape the escalation of what has been seen in recent days. This has been reported the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Trinidad Jimenez, after inaugurating the XVI Forum Spain-United States held today in Oviedo.

According to the Foreign Minister, in a first phase would be willing to leave the country a score of Spanish, including embassy staff and aid workers, mainly. Jimenez has said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and decided yesterday that it had to activate the pre-evacuation phase of Yemen in coordination with European partners and that gives them "peace of mind" that the EU has decided today to put in place the mechanisms to carry out this operation.

"Yesterday we had it clear that the thirteen employees of the Embassy of Spain plus some donors may have all the necessary means to get out as soon as security has begun to complicate the past few hours," added the minister, has acknowledged that not all Spanish are the country have shown their willingness to quit.

The European Union today has activated the Civil Protection Mechanism (MIC) to coordinate the evacuation of its citizens in Yemen, which involve EU citizens wishing to leave the country but will not affect diplomatic presence in Europe.

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