Saturday, June 4, 2011

The polls give a slight advantage over Humala Keiko Fujimori in Peru

Lima. .- A new poll of voting intentions known today in Peru gives a very slight advantage of 1.2 percentage points over Ollanta Humala Keiko Fujimori, while still remaining within the error margins equivalent to a draw. The poll, commissioned by the company to a private customer Datum and filtered some media (for the public dissemination of polls is banned in Peru for 5 days) notes that in mock vote, Keiko Fujimori obtained 50.6 per % of support compared to 49.4% of Ollanta Humala.

The difference is even lower when the question is simply intended to vote for then Keiko is 46.5% and 45.5 are support for Humala, the rest being blank or null votes. The survey has a low margin of error of + / - 1.4% and a universe of 4,820 respondents living in 104 urban and rural provinces, and was conducted between 31 May and 1 June, ie after the debate Sunday's election between two candidates.

Datum company is one that has been presented throughout the month are more favorable rates to Keiko Fujimori, but in a comparative study of various polls, we see a surge of nationalism that goes from 6 points below its rival May 10 to just one point from the last survey. Datum data contrast with those of another company, the Public Opinion Institute, whose research made known yesterday and today gave Ollanta Humala an advantage of 3.6 percentage points: 51.8% of valid votes compared to 48.2% its rival.

Five leaders of the country's leading polling firms agreed yesterday at a press conference in which these elections are the tightest in the history of Peru and it is impossible to predict outcomes for all their research results they fall within the margin of error and therefore amount to a technical draw.

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