Friday, May 27, 2011

BURKINA FASO - After the Ivory Coast, Burkina?

The ingredients are combined and the beginnings are already visible. A Burkina Faso in total chaos, like that of Côte d'Ivoire, we are facing. The courtiers of the regime have fallen asleep the vigilance of their masters, necessary to establish a climate of true peace. What does one have heard? "Burkina is not to compare with any country", "disorders that occur in other countries can not happen in Burkina" or "we are a nation of peace." However, recent events show us that we live in a precarious, which can not cope any longer for apparent solutions on the fly.

Peace is never fully achieved. It is built day by day and it is necessary to distinguish the true peace that that Professor Joseph Ki-Zerbo called "a peace of the cemetery." Almost every season, conflict causing human deaths with retaliatory actions are reported between farmers and breeders about the management of space.

Almost every time it manages to impose calm thanks to the intervention, with batons, CRS without really solving the problem. In both town and countryside, the question of land ownership or management of housing plots always causes problems. The resolution of these problems, very often at caesarean section, divides the inhabitants of a locality and creates tensions simmering dangerously.

It is not uncommon to hear that the designation of a religious leader or to build a place of worship, players battled to the death. All these tensions still remain without definitive solutions and bombs. On the bed of injustice, trial and error deal with serious problems of corruption, impunity and lack of reliable remedies for most citizens, have developed a sense of frustration and a desire to be justice to yourself.

We are almost at breaking the social contract. The feeling of rejection of others already exists in many minds. A real danger lurks Burkina image of what other countries have experienced. In Burkina this "peace", some people call their compatriots to "aliens" and hunt on the grounds that they would be the source of local problems.

A Boussé, about fifty kilometers from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso students were seen and treated because they were not natives of the locality. Currently, in several places of the country, where testimonies of the formation of militias armed with clubs, against the demonstrators. In Ouagadougou, lots of clubs bought by people opposed to marches were seen in the hands of militiamen ready to use them towards pupils and students.

Furthermore, when merchants, in their expressions of outrage at the looting of their property by the military, attacked the headquarters of CDP [ruling party] and the symbols of the State, it was found replicas seats for opposition parties. Burkina is in this context "highly flammable" and the slightest spark can be fatal.

Now, the President, who expressed willingness to listen to the people's will and follow it expected to announce his resignation to power in 2015. There is no need for special consultation to find out that compliance with the limitation of presidential terms is part of the will of the people today.

Now is the time to defuse the bomb, which started its countdown.

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