Friday, May 27, 2011

Obama will visit Poland in a country due to this since last year

Obama arrives in Warsaw this afternoon ready to repair the camp last year, when the ashes of an Icelandic volcano prevented him from attending the state funeral of President Kaczynski and the rest of the hundred victims of the crash of Smolensk. Cancellation of attendance at the funeral coincided with a high-profile controversy that divided between those who considered the Polish Kaczynski justified a place in the pantheon of Founding Fathers, Krakow, and those who would ground their teeth just think, with U.S.

President avoided getting wet for one or the other. On this occasion, with calmer waters and Obama will meet with relatives of the victims of that terrible accident, including the living twin Kaczynski, author of course the famous prediction of "end of the white man's civilization." And once that debt solved protocol, Obama steps back in Eastern Europe with two priorities.

The first one is commercial. This is a set of countries free of the scourge of the debt crisis which may provide numerous business networks in which all are very interested. One of the biggest concerns is that the U.S. Polish invest in the exploitation of shale gas field recently discovered in its territory, the largest in Europe.

Obama put a brave face, but avoid provoking a reaction from Russia, which considers the project a hindrance to its energy hegemony. The second priority is to mark U.S. President carefully territory of leverage with Russia, with a prominent role for the buck of the missile shield. After the fiasco suffered in September 2009, when Obama withdrew to deploy the shield in Poland, the Warsaw authorities want to address the issue further.

The head of the National Security Bureau, General Stanislav Kozei, recently urged U.S. and NATO to "return to Asia to Europe," reproaching the tip Alliance in Afghanistan and Libya and to neglect the mission to protect the territories member countries, in compliance with Article 5 of the Statute of NATO, of mutual assistance.

These statements correspond to the feeling of much of the Polish people, who still considers Russia as a threat and want to monetize the 20% of Poland's military budget, which goes to the mission in Afghanistan and the country considered a tax return for Allied protection. The withdrawal of Polish troops in Afghanistan will take place in 2012 and the U.S.

seems to be forgetting the promise to modernize the air defense system in Poland. Obama, again, is showcasing its immaculate smile. Try to overcome old promises without hindering their plans to agree the settlement of U.S. troops in Poland, including F-16 fighters to be moved from the Aviano base in Italy, and give priority to the previous conversation with Dmitry Medvedev held in Deauville, France , which have agreed to guide the missile defense system of NATO in Europe to "potential threats that we share" and pointing to Iran.

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