Friday, May 27, 2011

Helicopters to Iran came from the Israeli army surplus

Madrid. .- The nine military helicopters to a network dismantled in Madrid and Sabadell intended to export illegally to Iran in violation of international conventions, were acquired as surplus from the Israeli army moved tanks to Spain, where they were repaired and put up for sale. This has been secured to research Efe, who explained that this trade in military equipment is obsolete "frequent" in Spain, although it is legal to request authorization is required by the Joint Board of Trade Regulations Defense Material and Dual-Use addition, international agreements signed by Spain and the United Nations resolutions prohibiting the export of war materiel to Iran.

In Operation Nam "had been arrested five Spanish and three Iranians, who had come to Spain this week to close a" business "of 100 million euros for the purchase of nine helicopters Bell-212 with their corresponding parts. All are charged with crimes of possession and storage of weapons and contraband.

During the investigation, agents also have been able to ascertain that the network also supplied parts and equipment to Venezuela. The Spanish arrested worked for a group of companies engaged in the sale and repair of helicopters. The company, which has one of its offices in the Madrid suburb of Navas del Rey, specializes in the maintenance of Bell 212 and 412 models, aircraft of military origin, once reformed, are employed on a mass extinction fires, including aerial work.

In fact, many of the fire-fighting helicopters that currently fly in Spain have a long history as a military aircraft prior to civilian life. The dismantled network operated under the umbrella legal and so apparently was entered on his website, which provided maintenance services and sale of aircraft spare parts.

One of the Spanish prisoners, of Iranian origin, was the one who put the company into contact with the Iranian buyers interested in multiple units of the Bell-212. It is a versatile American-made helicopter designed to transport troops and war material and used in dozens of armies around the world, including Spain.

In the search carried out, agents have found three helicopters in a warehouse in Navas del Rey (Madrid) and six other local units in Sabadell (Barcelona), plus plenty of material, spare parts and documentation on the aircraft export business . The operation, carried out by agents of the General Information Office of the National Police, is still open and not ruled out further arrests of businessmen linked to the illegal export of war material.

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