Friday, May 27, 2011

Amnesty International shows a video of Syrian repression 'shoot to kill'

London .- A video extracted illegally from Syria and received by Amnesty International (AI) clearly indicates that the security forces in the country employ a policy of "shoot to kill" against those calling for reforms. The video shows protesters beaten and shot by security forces soldiers conducting a nighttime raid in the Omari mosque in Dera and a funeral mass Israa assistance.

"These images were taken extraordinary the Syrians who risked their lives to document insensitive attempts by the authorities to terrorize the pro-reform movement and keep off the streets," said Philip Luther, deputy director of AI's Middle East and North Africa. "In light of these and other stunning images of clear abuse, President Bashar Assad has to order the Syrian security forces to stop shooting at unarmed demonstrators and ensure that the perpetrators (those crimes) respond before the court." The films include, among other scenes the raid at the Omari Mosque, which was being used as field hospital, images of soldiers and civilian gunmen inside the mosque during the operation to shout for joy while filming the corpses, "Filmad.

The killed them. They are traitors. " Other pictures show people seriously injured or maybe even dead, people who seem to have suffered very serious gunshot wounds to the head, two scenes of members of the uniformed security forces pounding the wounded lying on the road and the testimony of a nurse reports that the army prevented the care of the wounded people.

In other scenes there are large groups of children who joined the protests and the funerals of six people, including a boy and an old man, AI said, recalling that security forces have dispersed repeatedly using such funerals its deadly force. "The images of unarmed civilians who were shot in the head has help explain why there have been many victims.

Along with the image of soldiers jubilantly celebrating the deaths, documenting what appears to be a policy of shooting kill ", denounces Luther. Amnesty International has the names of more than 720 people believed to have been killed by Syrian security forces in the last two months of riots and protests in the country.

"These videos are another reason for the Security Council UN decisive steps and return to Syria at the International Criminal Tribunal for its brutal crackdown on demonstrators," said AI.

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