Friday, May 27, 2011

Two dead in a string of attacks in a city in southeast China

A string of three explosions at government agencies this morning caused two deaths and at least six wounded in the city of Fuzhou, Jiangxi province in eastern China, according to the official news agency of China. One of those killed died instantly within government offices, and the second was made later in a local hospital, according to Xinhua.

The blasts, the agency said quoting official sources, resulted from a farmer angry with the way in which the legal authorities of the province were operating a personal dispute. According to the story of a provincial government spokesman surnamed Zhang, the first blast occurred shortly after 9 am (3 am Spanish) in a car parked in the basement of the municipal prosecutor's office, followed by two other every 10 minutes.

The second was located on the first floor of the headquarters of the district government of Linchuan, and last, also in a vehicle in the vicinity of the municipal agency of food and drugs. At least 10 vehicles were damaged by the blasts, which also caused damage to windows and close windows, according to Xinhua.

While bomb attacks are rare in early May 1949 were injured following the explosion of a gas pump, this time at a branch of a city in northwest China. On that occasion, the author was identified as a former bank teller, fired for stealing money. According to official estimates, each year are produced in China thousands of protests and acts of public disorder.

The discomfort is anchored mostly in the condemnations made by local governments, official corruption and general abuse of the authorities. Inflation, which has skyrocketed in recent months, and the price of housing, which is already unaffordable for many ordinary Chinese, they contribute to dissatisfaction.

The Communist Party of China, which in July celebrated 90 years of life, which totals more than six decades in power, considered top priority to maintain social stability and harmony in a country of 1,300 million. Last October, without going any further, the Party chief in the city of Fuzhou, Gan Liangmiao, told city officials that they had "firmly establish the idea that stability comes before all else and that is Above all, "according to the Journal of Fuzhou collected.

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