Friday, May 27, 2011

The ironies of life

The experience in recent wars shows that there is nothing worse than a conflict that cyst. If it is to overthrow a dictator, the ideal is to do it quickly, lest the situation be extended indefinitely if the international legal machinery is started and creates no-fly zones. A long war brings many casualties and much economic cost.

As the Libyan revolt is much slower than anticipated, French and British helicopters have agreed on a massive scale. This allows the soldiers do not have to step on Libyan soil, because they rise from ships off the coast of North Africa, carried out attacks and return accurate. Cristin Black, renowned consultant on terrorism and espionage, told The First Post that the attack set the French use and Tiger helicopters, the British, Apache helicopters, the first rise since Tonnere and second boat from HMS Ocean.

Black says: "Both helicopters will carry a military crew of two men: a pilot and a weapons manager. He who is sitting behind who is going higher than before. As we drive on different sides of the road, the French place the pilot in front and behind, the manager of the weapons. The British have it exactly backwards.

Both helicopters are designed to attack very close, with powerful machine guns of 30 mm and a full arsenal of rockets and guided missiles, ideal for dealing with the tactics that Gaddafi's men have been refined to try to override the overwhelming power of the aircraft rapidisimísimos current military.

"The attack helicopter has a wonderful ironic point. It is known that, over the years since he left terrorism, Gaddafi was devoted to cultivating friends among politicians and European businessmen. So it makes diverse economic interests now. In Italy, Finmeccanica, Fiat, Juventus FC and the UniCredit Group, which already is not a bank but only pan-Italian, after which in 2005 merged with Germany's HypoVereinsbank.

And it happens that, among all that lot of money and shares in companies in Europe, there is one called AgustaWestland. Well, the Apache helicopters ultimisimísimos lash Gaddafi now built under license in that AgustaWestland. That is: Gaddafi has actions same helicopters that attack. For every new British helicopter sent to kill him, he charges a little money.

I imagine it divided by the survival instinct and the interests of the portfolio. It's as if Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette had been joint owners of the shop Tobias Schmidt, an engineer who produced those first and beloved guillotine neck sliced them.

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