Friday, May 27, 2011

A triple bombing of a peasant unrest in China caused two deaths

A triple bombing in the vicinity of three government buildings has killed two people and injured to varying degrees in four others this morning in the city of Fuzhou in Jiangxi Province in southeastern China, according to the official news agency Xinhua. The author would be a farmer who had subsequently absconded, according to provincial government sources.

The first of three explosions, recorded between nine and ten o'clock, took place near the seat of county government Linchuan. Police said the attack killed two and wounded six others. One of them later died, the way to hospital. Several witnesses said the bomb exploded in the parking lot, located one hundred meters from the eight-story government building, whose windows were damaged.

A car was destroyed and several vehicles were affected. A few minutes later a second explosion went back to alter the normal in this town of 3.7 million inhabitants. The blast occurred outside the building of the Office. A third blast later surprised the people of Fuzhou, when a bomb exploded at the office of the Food and Drug Administration in the same district of Linchuan.

These last two explosions did not cause any casualties, Xinhua said. Identified shortly after the alleged perpetrator of these attacks. According to provincial government sources, it would be a farmer dissatisfaction with the progress of judicial proceedings that affect them directly.

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