Saturday, April 30, 2011

Begin acts of beatification of Wojtyla

Acts of the beatification of John Paul II tear on Friday. The Vatican spokesman, Federico Lombardi, explained that they move the coffin of the late Pope at the tomb of St. Peter, located in the Vatican grottoes, and later put on the altar of the Confession of St. Peter's Basilica the morning of May 1 for beatification.

The Safety Prefect of Rome, Giuseppe Pecoraro, said that the city council hopes that "at least" a million pilgrims attend the celebrations for the beatification of John Paul II, beginning April 30 and end on May 2. On Saturday 30 April, the diocese of Rome has organized a prayer vigil at the Circus Maximus will begin at 20 am and end at 22 at night.

This celebration will be divided into two parts. The first is devoted to recall the words and deeds of John Paul II, through the testimony of the pontiff's personal secretary, now the archbishop of Krakow, Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz and former Vatican spokesman, Joaquin Navarro-in Spanish Valls.

Also involving religious Marie Simon-Pierre, whose miraculous cure allowed John Paul II was beatified. During the second part, we pray the "Luminous Mysteries" of the Rosary, instituted by Pope John Paul II. The rosary will be prayed in connection with five satellite Marian shrines, to pray with the pilgrims in Rome one of the mysteries of an intention linked to the figure of John Paul II.

The first mystery will be said in connection with Lagniewniki shrine in Krakow, by youth. The second mystery is pray for the family and be in connection with Kawekamo-Bugando sanctuary in Tanzania. From the shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon, Harissa, the pilgrims pray for the evangelization and from the Basilica of Santa Maria de Guadalupe in Mexico, hope and pray for the peace of nations.

The final mystery is in connection with the Sanctuary of Fatima, connected deeply to John Paul II and to pray for the Church. Pope Benedict XVI will join the vigil via video from his home in Castellgandolfo and impart the apostolic blessing to all participants. The Diocese of Rome held the night of April 30 that Cardinal Agostino Vallini called "white night of the churches," which will be open during the eight churches in central Rome, the church of Santa Ines, San Marcos del Campidoglio , Santa Anastasia, the Church of Jesus, Santa Maria in Vallicella, St.

John of the Florentines, San Andres de la Valle and San Bartolomé de la Isla, found on the way from the Circus Maximus to the Plaza de San Pedro. Mass of beatification will be held at 10:00 am at the Plaza de San Pedro on 1 May, the day of Divine Mercy, and will be presided over by Pope Benedict XVI.

The liturgy will be preceded by an hour of preparation during which the so-called crown pray the Divine Mercy devotion introduced by St. Faustina Kowalska, whose feast was introduced by John Paul II. The beatification ceremony will begin with the reading of the so-called formula of beatification ', which consists of reading the main aspects of the life of Bl.

Later, discover the tapestry with an image of the new blessed while singing the hymn of the blessed in Latin, which was inspired by the first words of John Paul II in his homily at the beginning of his pontificate: "Be not afraid, open wide the doors to Christ. " After the Mass and the ceremony of beatification of Karol Wojtyla, Benedict XVI and the cardinals concelebrated be addressed to the altar of the Confession and pray in procession for a moment before the body of the new Blessed.

Later, the pilgrims can venerate the remains of John Paul II and will not close the basilica of St. Peter until the last pilgrim has passed, "said Father Federico Lombardi confirmed. Faced with the possibility of arriving at least a million people to Rome to venerate the body, Lombardi said that the basilica will remain open "all night" if necessary and only closes for a few minutes to carry out cleaning tasks .

On May 2 in the morning will also close the basilica for at least two hours to allow the celebration in the Plaza de San Pedro in the first mass celebrated in honor of the new Blessed, chaired by Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone. According to the decree issued by the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, headed by Spanish Cardinal Antonio Cañizares, the Mass readings contain contained in the Missal for the celebration of a pope and pray a prayer dedicated to Juan collective Paul II.

This prayer asks God to give Christians "boldly open our hearts to the saving grace of Christ," following "the teachings" of John Paul II. This decree issued by the Congregation allowed to celebrate Mass in honor of John Paul II each October 22, the day when Mass was celebrated beginning of my Pontificate, only in the dioceses of Poland and in Rome.

However, the bishops of each diocese will ask the Vatican for immunity for a year to celebrate a Mass in honor of the blessed and grateful that you can celebrate any day of the year.

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