Saturday, April 30, 2011

Superman renounces U.S. citizenship

As Obama shows off his birth certificate in Hawaii, Superman decides to 'give up' to U.S. citizenship for a good reason: "I am tired of using me as a political tool." Although we all know that Superman was born on planet Krypton (which makes him a real 'immigrant alien'), the fact is that since it was created in 1932 by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster has become one of the most representative icon in order the United States.

In 1938 he debuted for the masses in Action Comics No. 1, and waited patiently for the 900 number to take the more drastic step of his life, who knows if implicit response to Barack Obama's foreign policy. "I will announce tomorrow at the United Nations to renounce U.S. citizenship," he reveals to an astonished Superman security adviser in the White House.

"Truth, justice and the American way of life are no longer sufficient," he says with obvious disappointment the superhero. The story is called 'The incident' and is written by screenwriter David S. Goyer and drawn by the Spanish Miguel Sepulveda. The trigger for the decision of Superman is the White House reaction to his unusual presence in a nonviolent demonstration in the streets of Tehran.

His gesture is interpreted by the Iranian government as a declaration of war by the United States, which leads the character to reflect on the role of his adopted country on the international scene. "The world is too small and too connected," says Superman in the critical moment, when he decided to expand his horizons and become something like a global hero.

David S. Goyer, who is also the screenwriter of the upcoming film from Zack Snyder ("Superman: The Man of Steel '), has not disclosed so far if there is a political purpose or continuity implicit criticism of Obama. In the movie, the dilemma faced by Clark Kent (the human name of a superhero) is quite different: the survival of moth-eaten his newspaper, the Daily Planet, with the inexorable strength of the Internet.

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