Saturday, April 30, 2011

Morocco does not preclude the author of Al Qaeda

The Moroccan Minister of Communication and Government Spokesman, Khalid Naciri, has ensured that they are following all leads, including Al Qaeda in the attack this past Thursday in the tourist heart of Marrakech. "The investigation continues to determine the responsibilities, but for now I warn you to take an accusing finger," added the minister.

In fact, Minister of Economy and Finance, Saladin Mezouar, wanted to emphasize that there are still, data that directly to Al Qaeda. "So far and so far, we have no certain about the origin of the act and those responsible," he said. The incident took place at the famous Café Argana, located in the Jemaa el Fna Square, declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 2001.

The Moroccan police is considering the option of a suicide bomber had detonated an explosive inside the coffee or that a young man had left a backpack on the premises and they have been abandoned before the blast, said yesterday, Thursday, a local radio quoting eyewitnesses. There are already 16 deaths.

Naciri stressed that the process of political reforms in Morocco are under way and will not be questioned, as opposed to these attempts at destabilization. " For his part, during a breakfast briefing on Friday in Madrid, Mezouar has advanced constitutional reform which is locked in Morocco "will surprise more than one." The economy minister has stated that the reform seeks to strengthen the Parliament and there is a real separation of powers with justice "totally independent." Morocco is determined to restore confidence in its tourism industry, vital to the economy.

Moroccan Finance Minister, Saladin Mezouar said Friday that "go to a country as a tourist and death is a terrible thing again." The politician added: "We will work very hard for this not to have an impact on tourism in Marrakech." For now, the French government has recommended the "extreme" vigilance when traveling to Morocco.

The European diplomat, Catherine Ashton and European Commission President, José Manuel Durão Barroso, on Friday condemned "the heinous terrorist act." With statement asserts that "the EU is close to the Moroccan people." For its part, neighboring Algeria has issued a statement that "condemns in the strongest terms" the attack.

The Algerian government spokesman, Amar Belani said that "an act so heinous can not raise anything but a conviction incontestable." In addition, the Moroccan Islamist movement Justice and Development, one of the largest in the country, issued a statement saying that "we condemn this barbaric act are those who are responsible and we reaffirm our rejection of all forms of violence." It is expected that a delegation of ten French police come to Marrakech this Friday to work with their Moroccan counterparts in identifying victims of the attacks.

According to authorities, these agents will be working directly to the morgue where the bodies were moved to the fatalities.

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