Saturday, April 30, 2011

U.S. reports that Gaddafi gives his soldiers viagra

The regime of Muammar viagra Gadafidi distributed among his soldiers to encourage violations of Libyan women, as has denounced the United States through its Ambassador Susan Rice at a meeting of the Security Council of the UN. Rice did not disclose the sources from which comes this statement, but another diplomat present at the meeting explained that the U.S.

representative intended to illustrate the fact that the international coalition "faces an unusual adversary who commit reprehensible acts." This has been the country's response to U.S. claims of Russia and other Council members who believe that France, UK, U.S. and other allies present in the Libyan air strike are exceeding the decision of the UN establishing an air exclusion zone in the country and "all necessary measures to protect civilians." "We are concerned by the escalation of violence in the Libyan military conflict which causes more and more civilian casualties," said Russian Ambassador to the UN, Vitali Tchourkine.

Thursday saw the last NATO attack on Tripoli. According to the version of the Agence France Presse, several explosions rocked the capital since the dawn until early afternoon. Although so far there is not an official toll of casualties, the U.S. said Thursday that civilians dead could reach 30,000, but warned that the exact figure will not be known until the clash between opponents and loyal to the regime of Gaddafi comes to an end.

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