Saturday, April 30, 2011

Two dead in southern Yemen

Two men were killed at dawn on Friday in clashes with security forces in southern Yemen, official sources have said. A gunman has killed and another was wounded in Aden by the military when he tried to throw a grenade at the hotel in the southern city, said an official of the security services. In another incident, five soldiers were wounded by a grenade thrown at several soldiers who were guarding the city's central bank.

In the neighboring province of Lahej, a soldier was killed and another was wounded in a battle against members of a tribe seeking to expel the army in his area, has identified a source of security in the region. In Zanjibar, capital of Abyan province, northeast of Aden, two soldiers were wounded by alleged members of Al Qaeda.

Violence is continuing in southern Yemen, has long been marked by a secessionist movement and become a focus of opposition to the regime of President Saleh. The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon deplored on Thursday the 12 dead and hundreds of injuries that occurred in the recent demonstrations against the regime of President of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Ban, said in a statement his press office, called on the warring parties in Yemen to "exercise maximum restraint and desist from acts of provocation." The UN secretary general, however, welcomed the peaceful transition that the country will start and said he hoped it was "acceptable to all", in addition to stress that only dialogue and mutual understanding will help overcome the current crisis and preserve its unity and integrity.

He also reminded the Yemeni authorities of their obligation to fulfill its responsibility to protect civilians and to respect international humanitarian law.

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