Saturday, April 30, 2011

UN brutal practices of repression in Syria

The Syrian regime is using brutal practices of repression against the protests in the country, including the siege of whole cities or the interruption of food supply and electricity, today reported a high head of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. The special session coincides with the Syrian opposition llamamiemto the market to take another day of protests, dubbed "Friday of Wrath", organized by various government organizations on the Internet.

"Whole cities have been besieged, have been deployed tanks and bombed densely populated areas, has prevented the distribution of food, has cut off access to electricity," said Kyung-wha Kang, Deputy High Commissioner, while inaugurating a meeting today Special Human Rights Council devoted to the repression in Syria.

According to data cited by Kyung, "human rights organizations have documented over 450 killings and around four times more injuries." He also stated that "transport systems have been crippled and there is information on snipers who shoot at people trying to assist the wounded or recover the dead from public areas." The Deputy High Commissioner described what he called "a disturbing picture: the massive use of ammunition against people who protest the arrest, detention and disappearance of protesters, human rights defenders and journalists, torture and mistreatment of prisoners, repression of freedom of press and other media, and attacks on medical personnel, hospitals and patients.

" He added it was "worrying" know that "among the dead were military officials and security forces." The special session of the Human Rights Council on the situation in Syria was convened this week at the request of the United States, and after being supported by fifteen other countries including Europe, including Spain, and Mexico.

The first interventions in this special session have made clear the division of the Council, which must agree on a resolution regarding Syria. Faced with the position of the European Union and United States strongly condemned the crackdown by the regime of Bashar Assad, the Arab group warned against any "interference" outside in "internal affairs" Syrians.

"All going to see something other than what happened last Friday. We will not exaggerate, but the Friday of Wrath will change the way and draw the freedom peacefully," said the opposition group "The Syrian Revolution" on Facebook . For its part, the organization "Sham" reported today in the social network in the southern city of Dera, the main focus of the revolt against the regime of Bashar al-Asad, have been deployed snipers on the roofs of buildings and mosques' for shoot anyone who moves through the streets.


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