Saturday, April 30, 2011

The border between Gaza and Egypt will open soon

Egypt to permanently reopen the border with Gaza in order to ease the blockade imposed by Israel on this land. This was announced by Egyptian Foreign Minister, Nabil Arabi, the broadcaster 'Al Jazeera'. Egypt "is going to take significant steps to ease the blockade in the coming days," he said. He also wanted to clarify that his country would not accept that the Rafah border crossing set to remain locked in anymore.

Arabi has described as "shameful" the decision to close this step, single point of entry to Gaza not controlled by Israel. Until now, Egypt never opened the Rafah border crossing, except in exceptional cases, provided for humanitarian reasons. Imposed in June 2006, following the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier, the blockade of the Gaza Strip has been significantly strengthened following the takeover of the territory by Hamas in 2007.

An Egyptian soldier was killed Friday during a shootout with a cotrabandistas near the border with Gaza. The soldier belonged to a unit that monitors the border with the Gaza territory.

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