Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Process in Ukraine: Timoshenko remains in custody

Over the trial of the former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko in Kiev, the court rejected a repeal of the detention. Give the step requested by the defense, there is no reason to judge ruled Rodion Kireyev. The media reported in Kiev on Monday from the courtroom.

Meanwhile, in the Ukrainian capital Kiev on Monday thousands of people protested against the arrest of Tymoshenko. The demonstrators gathered outside the courthouse and blocked the main route from Kiev. Remains in custody: the figurehead of the Orange Revolution of 2004 Kireyev judge had ordered the detention on Friday after repeated attempts by the opposition leader disorder.

Tymoshenko had described the judge as a puppet of their political opponents, President Viktor Yanukovych. (See also: Ukraine: Yulia Tymoshenko taken into custody), the decision against the figurehead of the pro-Western Orange Revolution of 2004 comes to international criticism. The United States and the European Union have expressed concern about the upcoming trial.

The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Werner Hoyer, spoke of the suspicion of politically motivated judiciary. The trial against the 50-year-old Tymoshenko had been continued under tight security. Tymoshenko could face up to ten years in prison According to the indictment that Ukraine had lost during their term of office by a gas deal with Moscow, hundreds of millions of euros.

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