Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Syrian Navy shoots a Lebanese fishing boat

.- The Syrian Beirut Marina shot today against a Lebanese fishing boat sailing in regional waters, said the Lebanese National News Agency (NNA). The two fishermen who were aboard the boat were able to return to the village of Al Arida border safely, said the ANN. The land and maritime borders of Lebanon with Syria, which controlled militarily this small state in the Mediterranean for nearly three decades, are not well defined and it is rare that such incidents occur.

The authorities in Damascus have come close to ever land border crossing from Lebanon, which left the Lebanese isolated on all sides except the sea. The situation is tense between the Syrian authorities and a part of the Lebanese supporters of Syria popular movements demanding the ouster of President Bashar al-Assad.

Yesterday, the Lebanese Foreign Minister, Adnan Mansur, met with Assad and other Syrian officials in Damascus, the Syrian president took the opportunity to reaffirm the theory that they are terrorists who are behind the popular movement calling for his resignation . Speaking to Lebanese daily As Safir, said Mansur Al Asad is "relieved" by the latest developments in his country will "continue with reforms to face the insurgents who are disrupting security in the Syrian territory." "President Assad told us that the situation is calming down, especially in Hama," said Mansur, who informed the Syrian president that Lebanon "will not interfere in the internal affairs of Syria" and "supports the stability and security in the country."

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