Tuesday, August 9, 2011

London is burning, riots in Notting Hill

They extend also in Manchester and Bristol riots broke out last Saturday in London. While the riots in London in the night have moved increasingly toward the center of the city and as far as the neighborhood of Notting Hill, one of the most fashionable and wealthy, located in the central-west of the capital.

Meanwhile, the urban warfare that broke out three days in London and other cities has forced British Prime Minister David Cameron to break holidays in Tuscany and return to the capital. Violence and looting continued into the night between Monday and Tuesday in the London districts of Croydon, Peckham and Lewisham.

Accidents also in Birmingham and Liverpool. In the day there will be an emergency meeting presided over by a number of Downing Street with the Interior Minister, chief of police and emergency services. Scotland Yard announced that it has made available to other additional 1,700 agents to cope with the worst accident in the British capital for many years.

Since the beginning of the violence that erupted Saturday after the death of Mark Duggan, a 29 year old killed by police in Tottenham, 334 people were arrested, including a teenage boy of eleven years, 35 officers were injured. Map of disorders has expanded dramatically in the meantime, the United Kingdom, where in the night even Liverpool and Bristol have been put on fire by violence and looting.

Monday night in Birmingham and reached the capital in Croydon and Hackney, while Saturday and Sunday in Enfield and Tottenham, where it all started on Saturday with protests over the death of a 29 year old killed by police. This was the third night of unrest, in which buildings were torched, as well as cars and garbage cans.

The shops were stormed and looted, and police had to deal with crowds of people, some kids who broke windows and stole from the shelves. Also addressed in Manchester and Bristol. The British police also stated that three people were arrested in London for attempted murder of an agent.

The suspects were arrested in the London suburb of Brent, north of the city, after a policeman was hit by a car and hospitalized. Together with a colleague, who reported no serious injuries, was stopping some cars, considering that the occupants were involved in the looting of a nearby electrical shop.

In a statement, said that the police stopped a vehicle in an attempt to escape violently struck the agent admitted. The car was then found and arrested the occupants. 239 people arrested has now risen to the budget of the unrest began Saturday in London, according to the latest financial statements of the police.

Among those arrested at least 100 are under 21 years and accused of theft is 11 years old. In particular, in the Birmingham area north of the city police has confirmed 35 arrests because of the unrest in the center, where shops were vandalized. "The violence we are seeing is simply inexcusable.

Normal people have transformed their lives because of this crime, "said the commander of the police in London, Christine Jones. Sony Center in flames Londra. Sony has however indicated that a large fire involving his distribution center near the district of Enfield, London.

Stock of DVDs and other products have been damaged. Meanwhile, Thames Water, a private company that manages the distribution of water in much of the British capital, has warned citizens that the water pressure in homes could fall due to the heavy use that is being done to fight the numerous fires hung throughout the city during the third night of protests and clashes.

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