Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More than 100 arrested in the second night of riots in several parts of London

London is experiencing a second night of violence. The riots on Saturday night took place in the neighborhood of Tottenham on Monday have spread, although with less intensity in the north and south of the city, where hundreds of people have gathered in the streets and shops and premises have been looted.

The police had to act in Enfield, Walthamstow and Waltham Forest, north of the British capital and in Brixton, south, all suburbs. Scotland Yard has reported that there are more than 100 prisoners for acts that have spread to several suburbs of the capital. In addition, there are 35 officers injured, three of them were hit by a car while trying to make an arrest.

Have been taken to hospital. After a morning with some problems, riots again late yesterday afternoon in the suburb of Enfield, north, when a group of youths smashed a police car and broke the windows of two shops. The Conservative MP for that district, Nick de Bois, said in his Twitter account that there were "many people" in Enfield, but to refer the situation spoke of "serious riot", but not riots.

An employee of the BBC told the public broadcaster that between 100 and 120 hooded youths roamed the Enfield station, although the situation seemed under control. Hours later, blood was transferred to the district of Brixton, where the London Fire Brigade has confirmed sending six of its units to try to extinguish a fire that started in one of the stores 'Foot Locker', according includes Sky News.

Other 'small' groups, according to the description of police sources, have attacked several shops and the area, among which is a setting of 'Body Shop' and 'Halfords'. Authorities also have knowledge of other violence in areas of Turnpike, Walthamstow, Chingford and Leyton, where several settlements have also been subjected to violence by a group of young people organized.

Police focused part of their arrests among individuals who had looted shops in the areas of Chingford Mount and Waltham Forest. "We are facing a difficult situation, with small pockets of violence, looting and disorder that have emerged in different neighborhoods," he assured the commander Christine Jones.

"We have deployed units across London," said Jones told Sky News, trying to curb outbreaks of violence arising in various ends of the capital. These new altercations occur after another neighborhood north of the capital, Tottenham, live on Saturday night a disproportionate escalation of violence between groups of hooligans and police that has resulted, to date, with 61 people custody, being questioned by police and 26 officers injured and three others with physical harm.

During those riots, dozens of thugs caused extensive damage, including buildings and vehicles burned, as two police cars and a police van and a double-decker bus, and looted shops in the neighborhood, who stole valuables such as electronics or clothing stuffed in shopping carts and suitcases.

In addition, this wave of violent perpetrators set fire damage to a local supermarket and a carpet shop, in addition to panic and distrust of neighbors. The incident was sparked after a small demonstration of about 120 people gathered last night near the police station in that area to protest the death of a young 29 year old shot by police in an incident last Thursday.

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