Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yulia Timoshenko, Ukraine's former first lady, will continue its political struggle

The opposition and former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko has promised on Monday before the first hearing of his trial after spending the weekend in prison, will continue their struggle to "make Ukraine a truly European state." "Jail is jail, I will not complain. It is a test, but also the sense of my life trying to get Ukraine to become a true European state," he told reporters in the courtroom before the hearing .

Timoshenko, perfectly made up and coiffed, seemed marked by this weekend. Before his appearance, hundreds of partisans at the gates of the building chanting his name and slogan on his behalf asking to be released. Protesters also were collecting signatures demanding the dissolution of parliament and the impeachment of President Viktor Yanukovich.

The provisional arrest of Yulia Tymoshenko held Friday by the court that is judging from June for abuse of power. The judge decided to imprison the grounds that it respected the court's instructions. Despite having been accused, among other things, sign contracts to import gas from Russia and authorized without permission from the Government during its term, Timoshenko is still not giving up political life and continues to be the opposition.

After the hearing, the magistrate court in the Pechora decided to keep the injunction for the arrest of Yulia Timoshenko. The judge declined the request to release the former head of government of Ukraine issued by his lawyer, Yuri Sújov.

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