Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Freedom for the 137 people arrested in recent protests in Bahrain

The commission of inquiry into violence in Bahrain on Tuesday confirmed the release of 137 detainees, including two Shiite MPs by the authorities in recent protests. The head of the commission, Cherif Bassiouni, the Egyptian Mahmoud, an international expert in criminal law, has confirmed the release and said in a statement that his team continues its investigation of torture, abuse and violence that have marked response in the country.

Bahrain's attorney general announced the release Sunday of the detainees, without specifying the exact number. Among those released are Fayrouz Jawad Matar Matar and two deputies Wefaq, the main Shiite opposition movement, who resigned last February to protest against the repression of the answer last spring.

On June 1, Bahrain, led by a Sunni dynasty, raised the state of emergency introduced last March after a month of protests and demonstrations encouraged by the Shia majority in the country, where the repression led to at least one thirty dead. Bahrain commissioned last June an independent commission of five members, including several international lawyers, to investigate the crackdown.

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