Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Serbs of northern Kosovo accept the agreement of Belgrade and Pristina

The Serbs of northern Kosovo have accepted the tentative agreement to end the crisis in the tense border between Serbia and Kosovo, although so far they have not withdrawn their barricades, the press reported on Monday in Belgrade. Radenko Nedeljkovic, representative of Kosovo Serbs, told reporters after a meeting with Serbian President Boris Tadic in Belgrade last night, who want to "preserve peace together, unity and stability" in northern Kosovo.

He said the Serbs must meet commitments under the agreement reached and announced at a meeting with local leaders, scheduled for Tuesday, asked that "provide full freedom of movement on all roads." The Serbs, mostly in northern Kosovo, maintain their three road barricades in the north, bordering Serbia, in the past two weeks was the scene of serious tensions.

Problems arose when Pristina sent special police units to control the border crossings and Brnjak Jarinje, causing serious clashes with Serbian extremists. The tentative agreement was reached last Friday after days of negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina with the mediation of NATO, which controls the border with their troops.

The pact will be in force until September 15 when it should resume the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, covered by the European Union, which had been in crisis over rising tensions in northern Kosovo.

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