Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Violence in Mogadishu after the announcement of the rebels to leave the capital

The fighting has re-emerged on Sunday in Mogadishu between government troops and insurgents of al-Shabab, a day after they say they left the capital and declared that the Somali government already controlled most of the city. A spokesman for the peacekeeping force (AMISOM) African Union (AU), the captain Ndayiragije Come, soldiers reported that they had attacked Al Shabab in a district of the capital.

"This morning the faithful Al Shabab have launched mortars and attacked us, while not strong enough," he said. "The government forces now control 90% of the capital, but we are confident that rebels in some areas," he added. Residents in the city indicated that the fighting has continued on Sunday in different districts.

"There are struggles near the football stadium. These are some of al-Shabab militia that do not accept having to leave the capital," says Somow Ali, one of the witnesses. As Al Shabab announced his retirement from the city of Somalia, Sheikh Sharif Ahmed President was quick to say that his troops had defeated the rebels.

But Al Shabab win denies this and states that it is only a "tactical move". Somalia has been without an effective central government since the fall of dictator Mohamed Siad Barre 20 years ago. Now, in addition to the armed conflict, is suffering the worst drought and the worst famine in decades.

Augustine Mahiga, the UN special envoy to Somalia, stressed that "Al Shabab remains a threat despite its intention to withdraw. But our priority now is to ensure the distribution of food by a country ravaged by famine. We must focus on humanitarian situation and I appeal to all sides to do everything possible to facilitate and ensure assistance to those most in need "some Somalis fear that violence will continue, as government troops will not hesitate to attack the rebels Al Shabab to stay in the city.

Meanwhile the radical Islamist militia have threatened to behead anyone who impedes his way out of town and try to give them to the police.

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