Monday, August 8, 2011

Typhoon Muifa China forces evacuation of 200,000 citizens

The Chinese authorities have evacuated Saturday to more than 200,000 residents of the eastern province of Zhejiang and have more than 200 flights canceled, pending the arrival of a typhoon that could be the worst to affect the area in years. Forecasts indicate that the typhoon Muifa should impact the east coast of China this weekend, with winds of 160 kph (100 mph) and heavy rain.

News of the storm on Friday caused the suspension of operations at various ports of shipment of crude oil and other commercial products. 75 flights canceled Shanghai, Hangzhou did the same with 140 more flights and Air China suspended all trips, according to official news agency Xinhua.

The National Center for Marine Environmental Forecast of China has issued a red alert for waves up to 10 meters high in the East China Sea. The Xinhua news agency collects more than 10 fishing boats, with about 200 people on board are missing off the east coast of China, but it is unclear whether these incidents are related to the typhoon.

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