Thursday, June 16, 2011

UNITED STATES - Incredible European Obamamania

One of the most curious things about Obama supporters is not the disappointment they feel at present, but the fact that he still devote a fervent admiration despite disillusionment. This is particularly true for black voters. They are more optimistic than ever for America, while their fate there is little improvement.

Rates of unemployment, poverty and foreclosures have passed in vain, and further, the numbers were during the time of George W. Bush, African Americans remain the most loyal base of Obama. Victims of an unemployment rate of 16%, they continue to approve to 80% in the polls. The same contradiction in the attitude of Europeans vis-à-vis the president of the United States.

It has hardly changed since his candidacy for president. Three years later, the situation has not changed. United States, even after the assassination of Osama bin Laden, the popularity of Obama is around 50%, while in Europe, over 70% of people believe it does good job. What yad'étrange is that much of what Europeans hated the time Bush is still in place.

The detention center at Guantanamo has not closed its doors, illegal transfers of terror suspects are ongoing, there are more American troops deployed in Afghanistan and there are still in Iraq. Why are Europeans so they like while his record is so thin? For the most part, they love him in the qualities they have always lent him.

It is not George W. Bush, although one wonders how long this will take a contrario definition the road. Finally, it emerged at a time when EU leaders made a wry face. Europeans love Obama more than Americans. But mostly they love more than their own rulers. Less than a third of Italians and French people approve respectively Silvio Berlusconi and Nicolas Sarkozy, only two found a German Angela Merkel credible.

David Cameron's rating is not much better. Brilliant, charismatic, telegenic, Obama has no scandal to blame, so that, by comparison, there is the possibility of a democracy led by intelligent and concerned citizens of the general interest, as opposed to the opportunists, the selfish and depraved.

Everything happens as if its proven ability to pose real problems in all their complexity had allowed some people to tolerate his inability to find solutions. But in many ways, the European obamaphilie has always reflected the weaknesses as well as the forces of the continent. These royalists seeking an enlightened monarch in which they could place great hopes, but on which they have no democratic control, they decided not to use their own power but rather to rely on that of another.

And those weaknesses were aggravated. While the effects of the financial crisis continue to be felt, the continent strives to remain united. Greece and Ireland are on the brink of default, Portugal will have to be bailed out, the Spaniards are in the street. The future of the euro has been openly challenged.

While many of the problems affecting transatlantic relations remain almost everything else has changed. The Arab Spring has exposed the declining influence of the United States and Europe on the world, while the willingness of Europeans to retain the chairmanship of the IMF's something anachronistic against the rise developing economies more dynamic.

European attitudes toward Obama says more about Europe than the President of the United States. What she reveals, whether the Europeans or Obama is not really glorious.

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