Thursday, June 16, 2011

LIGHTING - The French are not necessarily wrong

Photos from DSK handcuffed, taken May 15 at the exit of a police station in Harlem, continue to debate. These pictures have caused a stir in Paris, and if the early days of the case challenging the American press French criticism, the tone is more nuanced now. Even the New York Post asks: "The French may be right, why are Americans so obsessed with the perp-walk?" The perp-walk, parade or the suspect (perpetrator walk in English) is this distinctly American tradition in which the police exhibits to the press a suspect during his transfer to prison.

The perp-walk "is a relic of American entertainment, such as the pillory, which sought to cast aspersions on a person", recognizes the conservative tabloid. The Los Angeles Times for his part stressed that "the United States can rightly be proud that their judicial system treats equally the rich and poor.

But, meanwhile, the French can congratulate itself on having a justice that dismisses the media circus assumed 'transparent' in the name of the presumption of innocence. "" The Miami Herald also criticizes the alleged transparency that allows to exhibit individuals whose guilt is unproven.

"Justice must certainly be the subject of close scrutiny and accountability. It is unfortunate that the press rarely fulfills its role as watchdog in respect of the charge and to work as a vassal of the prosecutor, ready to inflict a punishment far less equitable than that administered by judges ".

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