Thursday, June 16, 2011

POLICY - Homosexuals rally for Obama

The campaign team working for re-election of Barack Obama in 2012 expects a lot of gay donors. She hopes that they will compensate for the alienation of wealthy donors disappointed by the first term of Obama. Donors gay, glad to see the White House also pledged to repeal the law "Do not ask, do not tell" (DADT) [do not ask, do not say anything], which requires the U.S.

military not to reveal their sexual orientation, have surprised the Obama campaign team by providing a broad financial support. The new strategy of fundraising took note and seems determined to take advantage of their enthusiasm. In 2008, the finance team of the election campaign of President had one gay, this year she has fifteen.

The financial support from the gay community for re-election of Obama is due to a series of policy reversals occurred in 2010. After a 2009 marked by stormy relations between the American president and his supporters gays, who had come to suspect him of not taking their problems to heart, the situation was reversed last year.

In addition to the repeal of DADT, the Department of Justice has declined to rule in favor of the "Defense of Marriage Act," a law banning recognition of gay marriage. The administration has also implemented other policies of lesser importance, but which are nevertheless significant progress in the eyes of gay activists.

Visiting rights in hospital was extended to homosexual couples and a law on hate crimes, which includes crimes motivated by sexual orientation of the victim, was also adopted. The support of the gay community will be crucial for Obama this year. His 2008 campaign had collected large sums of money to the richest, but also small donors.

Now, several key donors have become suspicious. Some wealthy people left, including billionaire George Soros, believe that Obama has not lived up to their expectations. On Wall Street, managers of investment funds for their part are tired of being constantly criticized and see adopted stricter rules to govern their activities.

Finally, the pro-Israel Jewish lobby does not like the pressure the President on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In this context, support for gay community will be of great assistance.

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