Thursday, June 16, 2011

AMALGAM - DSK: Too rich, too powerful and too Jewish ...?

It's a story to drool all anti-Semitic, to shake all Jews worried. To summarize: the French Dominique Strauss-Kahn is an extremely rich Jewish economist and international in scope, also married to a journalist and known as much for his extravagant lifestyle as for his leftist views. Housed in a sequel to 3000 dollars [$ 525 according to the IMF] in a New York hotel, he was suspected of trying to rape a brutally poor maid, a devout Muslim from Africa and vulnerable to the west, before taking a plane to Paris (first class, of course) as if nothing had happened.

To load a little table, now that rescues her another wealthy French Jewish intellectual, who is a statement of class solidarity among the most surprising one ever heard. "I want this morning, the American judge who, upon delivering to the crowd of hunters pictures waiting outside the police station in Harlem, had pretended to think it was like any other litigant" s is carried Bernard-Henri Levy on his blog.

But let's be fair. BHL is seen equaled, if not surpassed, by the remarks to the Spartacus [a reference to Kubrick's film where the slaves, who were asked to nominate the leader in exchange for freedom, say: "I am Spartacus" to share the fate thereof] held by the Jewish financier Ben Stein right [in the conservative magazine The American Spectator].

For a defense of wealthy Ben Stein, DSK is necessarily innocent, because "those who commit crimes generally tend to be criminals, for example. Can anyone give me a single economist convicted of sexual assault? Can anyone give me a single director of a international economic institution, non-profit that has been accused and convicted of sexual assault? "However, he says, many maids are" perfect weirdos, who steal tickets, money, throw important documents, stealing drugs ...

"And it's probably not even his most insane argument:" It's a case of poor people who hate the rich, that's all. A man spends 3,000 dollars for a night in a hotel? That he is guilty of something. Let them bring the guillotine. "In addition to statements of Bernard-Henri Levy and Ben Stein, have I said that Dominique Strauss-Kahn has hired a lawyer Orthodox Jewish extremely expensive to defend him? While this is prima facie a godsend for anyone who could barely bring rain to the anti-Jewish remarks cons DSK or simply release a volley of anti-Semitic insults on those Jews who inevitably take up the cause of their own, whatever circumstances.

And one might expect that such remarks come for a good part of France. For over ten years, we always hearing of this supposed epidemic of anti-Semitism that would rage in the western world with a particularly virulent in Europe and in Europe, with a marked virulence in France. Not so long ago, the American Jewish Congress [important organization of the Jewish community in the U.S.] had even called for a boycott of the Cannes Festival and the suspension travel of the Jews in France to protest against anti-Semitism French.

According to the Israeli ambassador to France at the time, Nissim Zvili, the Jews of France had then "so afraid of anti-Semitic attacks that a lot [considering] to emigrate," and Ariel Sharon, then prime minister in Israel, encouraged them to flee their country to escape "the most brutal anti-Semitism." This view did not, however, unanimously.

"France is no more antisemitic than the United States," had replied Roger Cukierman, then president of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France (CRIF). Calling American Jewish organizations to stop interfering in the affairs of the French Jews, he believed that the attacks against Jewish institutions in France were then carried out by a fringe of the Muslim population, high 6 million people ( France, with 600,000 Jews, has the largest Jewish community in the world after the United States and Israel).

Roger Cukierman, the violence stemmed directly from Israeli reprisals against the second intifada. It is as though Strauss-Kahn had sent an invitation on card stock with anti-Semitic French, which did not surely fail to give voice. Indeed, it is unclear how anti-Semitic stereotype it does not match.

Think about it. Jewish banker: seen. Globalist cosmopolitan Jew who runs a financial institution mysterious that nobody really knows what it is: seen. Jewish Left saw. Jewish sex maniac: seen. Jewish predator preying upon the poor and defenseless people: seen. Rich Jews, whose beautiful wife occupies a senior position within the media view.

Jewish lawyer with a Jewish view. That his Jewish friends in the media, Jews and famous advocate solely on behalf of personal and ethnic ties, apparently without regard to whether he is guilty or innocent seen. And regardless of religion, yet this type member of the caviar left with, among others, following its 3000 dollars, costumes for 3500 dollars and apartments to $ 1 million, not to mention all these defects "Jews "stereotyped cited above, was leading in the polls for the 2012 presidential election.

(Remove me from a doubt: the U.S., have they ever had a Jewish president?) And, paradoxically, almost all the conspiracy theories circulating in France in connection with this historic upheaval for the country's political future did not focus on Jews but on President Sarkozy and the interest there was for him to prevent the candidacy of one who was best able to replace it.

Marc Knobel, a researcher of the CRIF, told a reporter that he had found no substantive mention of Jewishness Strauss-Kahn in the wake of his spectacular arrest. In fact, the opposite is true. "Everybody knew he was Jewish and that does not stop him from becoming the most popular candidate in France," added Richard Prasquier, president of CRIF.

"That says a lot about France. Today, we find perfectly normal for a Jew to become president. "It is religion that Strauss-Kahn has been important for two kinds of people: neo-Nazis and Ann Coulter * (yet that it is difficult to distinguish between the two). Given all this, say otherwise: "Vive la France **!" And maybe also: "We're sorry."

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