Thursday, June 16, 2011

Portugal, Coelho's new premier

The Social Democrat Pedro Passos Coelho was appointed prime minister by the Portuguese President Anibal Cavaco Silva. This was announced by the President of the Republic of Portugal. Pedro Passos Coelho is a leader of the PSD, the center-right Social Democratic Party that 38.6 percent of the votes won the parliamentary elections on 5 June.

Passos Coelho, who will take the place of the socialist Jose Socrates, leader of the government of Lisbon, who resigned last March will start consultations to give Portugal the next government coalition: the Social Democrats, who control 105 seats in the 230 Parliament of Lisbon, will form a coalition with the ultra-conservatives of the CDS-PP, led by Paulo Portas.

The designation of Passos Coelho has worked in record time, 10 days from the policies in the first day, with the publication Wednesday of the voting results of the Portuguese overseas. The formation of the new government, which will give the crackdown planned by the agreement last month between Lisbon and the EU-IMF on financial rescue plan by 78 billion to save the country from bankruptcy, would be formed very quickly, probably by the end of the week.

On June 23, Passos Coelo participate in the next EU summit in as new prime minister of Portugal. After the heavy electoral defeat of June 5, Socrates has left the leadership of Ps Portuguese and announced that it will renounce any public office.

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