Thursday, June 16, 2011

PARALLEL - The bad movies DSK and Schwarzie

Oh, she wanted to, yes. They want it all, these young widows emigrants who work hard, in fear of God, and wear on household chores in a hotel in Times Square to raise their teenage daughter and take the chance offered to them by America. They expect an old satyr in rut arise, naked from the bathroom, rushed upon them, catch them and drag them across the room like a caveman.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn has a reputation as a seducer, but judging from the statements of the victim - a maid of 32 year-old from West Africa - the behavior of DSK is rape. "An evil beast" The director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was he trying to undo his belt, saying to whole nations to tighten? Lawyers for the sexagenarian seem willing to reject any DNA evidence by saying he would have been mutually granted with the young woman came clean his room.

Will they say it has flared up with desire when she knew that Strauss-Kahn had been in Davos? Jeffrey Shapiro, the lawyer for the victim, has angrily rejected this argument, noting that there was "absolutely nothing" had agreed on the law of the gentleman *. For him, this practicing Muslim in the Bronx is "a very proper young woman, worthy" and "she did not even know who was this guy" before learning from the newspapers.

In France, supporters of Strauss-Kahn circulate conspiracy theories that resemble those of the Pakistanis about bin Laden. Some have even suggested that Strauss-Kahn had been the victim of a trap laid by supporters of Sarkozy. Bernard-Henri Levy, a friend of the accused, said he was outraged by the description of Strauss-Kahn "insatiable beast and evil." In a column posted on his blog and taken up by the website The Daily Beast, he writes: "It is good that we can know right away how a woman could enter the room alone, contrary to custom, which in Most major hotels in New York, provide for 'brigades household, consisting of two persons in one room of the most watched in the world.

"At least he had the decency not to mention the Dreyfus Affair! For years I have stayed in hotels in New York, and I've never seen "brigades of household" as maids alone. In Washington, now nicknamed the street that separates the IMF World Bank [2007, former director of the World Bank, Paul Wolfowitz, accused of favoritism towards his companion, had to resign] "Boulevard of Evil behavior.

These two institutions are known to give lessons of discipline and freedom to the world, so that the West is guilty of carelessness and extravagance, first in the field Financial, and then in the sexual domain. People unable to close their fly and give lessons to others! While the French criticize the U.S.

judicial system - and images of handcuffed Strauss-Kahn - Americans can be proud of that jingle you hear on the episodes of New York, a special unit, the noise, which announces that justice will be made without regard to wealth, class or privileges. That's enough to make faith in America, the country where a maid may be treated with dignity and hope when she heard accusing one of the most powerful men in the world to be a predator.

The young woman fled the horror that reigns in his native Guinea, patriarchal society where rape, a common practice, used as a weapon of war, a country where we would get rid of her if she tried to complain a man of power. Here, faced with the horror, she was able to appeal to justice. Thank you America! Another famous European who has a disturbing pattern of sexual assault found himself under fire this week: former Governor of California.

Accused of harassment and misogynist behavior during the 2003 campaign for election as California governor, he was finally elected with the support of his eloquent wife, Maria Shriver. Arnold Schwarzenegger has also been guilty of having bluntly stated his masculine power. More unfaithful, "Sperminator" has been caught lying and crap, had a son with a domestic worker when Maria gave birth to their youngest son, now aged 13.

We're always fascinated with the idea that people from high society to behave as primitive. But decency and morality have nothing to do with education and social status. The lesson we learn from these two large fallen is: "If you want to take the small staff, make sure first that he agrees."

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