Monday, May 16, 2011

Story of an arrest: 13.00, Sofitel hotel, room 2806

10 minutes spent 16.00 hours (20.00 GMT) on Saturday afternoon when the IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn, was arrested on charges of sexual assault, attempted rape and imprisonment aboard the plane that take back to Paris. Thus began the nightmare for one of the most powerful men in the world, after one of the assistants at the luxurious Sofitel New York (where the suite costs more than 2,000 euros a night, while DSK paid $ 525 for a regular room and offered an 'upgrade' because the suite was empty, as have required the IMF and the hotel) accused him of having attempted to rape.

But how do the facts? What evidence there may be against him? How did all? This is part of the story to which the investigators account of the Office of New York. At 13.00 hours on Saturday (16.00 GMT) the hotel management asked one of his employees to come to the 2806 room to clean it, because at that time was empty.

The alleged victim is a woman from Africa, 32, resident of the Bronx, a married mother of a girl of 16 years. According to his co-workers and acquaintances, is a tireless worker. The woman, 32 years and African origin, uses his master key, enters and is inside a gray-haired man naked. The wizard tries to escape, but it gives no time.

The man, who later indentificaría as the director of the International Monetary Fund, grabs and throws on the bed where he tries to rape her. She, apparently, and as reported by AP news agency, manages to escape and almost reaches the door. However, Strauss-Khan allegedly to him and puts him in the bathroom where he was forced to perform oral sex.

When the man tries to rip the underwear, she defends him and manages to break free and escape. Quickly run to reception and complaint to his fellow man of the 2806 attempted rape. Before presenting minor injuries following the alleged attempt to assault the employee of the hotel is taken to the hospital, where he conducted a full examination and take DNA tests and possible traces of aggression.

Meanwhile, the hotel has already told the police that takes only 30 minutes to get from a woman leaves the room. But when they come into the room, and there was nobody. They only found a phone and some personal items. According to some witnesses who were at the hotel, Strauss-Kahn called his driver and hurried out of the hotel due to JFK airport where he waited a passage in the first of Air France to Paris.

"Strauss-Kahn had a huge hurry," recalls Meier Mortem, a Norwegian sales director, stay at the hotel and crossed when DSK was leaving. "He wanted to leave as soon as possible. He seemed upset and stressed out, "he says. The police has revealed that a DSK call the hotel from the airport that afternoon, inquiring about the Paredero your mobile phone, was vital to reach you while preparing to leave New York.

When the police I enter the plane and approached the director of the IMF, it could only respond with a "What?" and without resistance and no handcuffs accompanied the police to a cell in a police station in Midtown Manhattan. In fact, Some witnesses claim that the arrest was made so discreet that only became aware that something was wrong when the flight was delayed a bit.

Hence, he was transferred to the Special Unit for Special Victims Harlem where he remained until this morning, when he been taken to hospital to collect samples and analyze your body scratches.

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