Monday, May 16, 2011

CHINA - redoubled attacks against Ai Weiwei

More than two weeks after the arrest of the artist, the official Chinese media continues its offensive against him. Several editorials critical of both the character, an avant-garde stands by its opposition to the tradition, and the intervention of the international community. The Huanqiu Shibao, said that "it is a Chinese court - and not the international community - which must decide if Ai has committed an economic crime or not." The newspaper denounced the intrusion of the international community as an internal matter.

"If Ai Weiwei is protected by the West because he engaged in activities of political opposition in China," he says. In Hong Kong, Wenweipo, inclinations favorable to Beijing, became the spokesman of the official voice. In its April 14 issue, the daily quoted unnamed sources claiming that the artist did not pay taxes.

Of "compelling evidence" had already been found. According to the same publication, Ai is also suspected of having broadcast of pornography online. Moreover, it would be an investigation for bigamy because he had a son with another woman as his wife. The diary paints a damning picture of the artist and accuses him of defiling the art of exposing himself naked on many photos on the Internet.

The Hong Kong press, meanwhile, is concerned about this turn of events. The daily Pingguo Ribao alarmed by the wave of repression that exists in China today. There are about twenty people missing and forty arrested. The Ming Pao Daily regrets the attitude of the authorities, who, after stopping Ai without giving any information to his family, began a propaganda campaign against the plastic surgeon.

But he said that those who participated in the operation of media lynching - of which the official Xinhua news agency - will deteriorate their image outside the country. Sharing this opinion, the financial daily Shun Po warns that this propaganda will eventually turn against the authorities, since many people who did not know Ai Weiwei will now have questions and want to learn about his case.

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