Monday, May 16, 2011

Gates believes accelerate premature withdrawal from Afghanistan after the death of Bin Laden

The Secretary of State for Defence Robert Gates believes it would be "premature" to accelerate the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan after the elimination of bin Laden, said in an interview with U.S. broadcaster CBS. 'Operation Geronimo "has increased demands have to be reduced as soon as the presence of U.S.

troops in Afghanistan. President Obama will consider phasing plans, which will begin in July with the return home of some 100,000 soldiers. "Just last week," the capture of the head of al Qaeda, Gates argued, and "people are now reaching historical conclusions, I think it's going a little fast," he said.

Proponents of an early troop withdrawal from Afghanistan underscore that there is over 200 'agents' of Al Qaeda in the country, according to Army estimates. Robert Gates, who leaves office on June 30, has estimated that after the disappearance of bin Laden, "change the game" in Afghanistan.

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